Biography - Andre' Williams

Andre’ Williams is an American gospel music songwriter, producer, and recording artist. He was born June 8th, 1967 in Cocoa Beach Florida. Andre' spent most of his youth living in Fort Worth Texas where he was raised with three other siblings by his mother Betty Williams. At a young age, Andre’s talent as an artist began to blossom as he discovered his love for music. After confessing his life to Christ, he began to perform as a musician in his church at the age of 10 and later on was an active member in his high school choir, jazz band, orchestra, and concert band. Afterwards, Andre' attended The University of Texas at Arlington where he studied music theory and composition. Andre’ currently holds down a full time job in healthcare at a local hospital and continues to write and produce music under his established label, SOS Productions.

Andre’ has a rich sounding vocal style combined with soulful background harmony comprised with a Jazzy R&B fusion. Andre’ has had an opportunity to perform in many venues and open up for several local and well-known artists of his time. Some of them included Tony Terry, Roger, and ZAPP. Andre's passion is ministering through his love of gospel music and he relies on the Lord to give him the message in his songs.

In 2014 he completed his first solo EP project entitled Throw It Up! Produced under his label, SOS Productions, the EP is scheduled to be released March 15, 2014. This is a collection of gospel ballads written to give hope, inspiration, and encouragement as well as a renewal in Gods faith.

His wife Tammy Williams also serve as his manager and business partner in promoting the label. Andre’s purpose for is his musical gift is to represent the Lord in every vision given to him through arranging, producing, and writing. So many artists fail to realize their true purpose and extent of God’s plan for their life. Andre’ desires to experience all that God has to offer while spreading His word, His love, and His message of hope through his anointed gift of music.


1. Give Praise is the first song on the album and it gives the message that we all should be thankful for Gods undying grace and mercy and Give Praise for all that He has done for us.

2. Throw It Up! Both versions of this song was inspired by a co-worker who was going through challenging times and during the midst of the conversation, she was told her to Throw Up all her cares to the Lord. The song's message is to give it all to God by Throwing It Up to him.

3. Throw It Up! Remix

4. Make Me New gives the message of repentance and turning your life around. It also gives a message of personal spiritual renewal and seeking God through every aspect of your life no matter what or how you have sinned. Just know that God Loves you dearly and will forgive you and Make You New.